図書館利用予約フォーム (滞在時間上限2時間)

図書館利用予約フォーム (滞在時間上限2時間)The application form of using library (the max limit of staying library is 2 hours)

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  • 図書館利用予約フォーム (滞在時間上限2時間)
※必須項目 (Required)(*)

● 氏名 (Name)*

● 学生番号 (Student Number)*

● メールアドレス(Email)*

● 電話番号 (Phone Number)* - -

● 来館希望日 (The date of visiting library)* 《翌平日9:30~16:30:The next business day 9:30-16:30》


● 来館希望時間選択 (PLease choice the time of visiting library)*

※平日に限ります。(Only weekday) → 8/12(水)~8/14(木)は休館ですのでご注意ください。(August 12~14 is closed)
※滞在時間の上限は2時間です。(The max limit time of staying library is 2 hours.)

※図書館は16:30で閉館します。(Please leave the room after 16:30.)
(After August 4, the email about seat selection will not be sent. Please use available seats. )
(The number of seats that can be used is limited to secure the distance, so the visit time may be adjusted if it is crowded.)

● 来館にあたっての連絡事項がありましたらこちらへ記入してください。
(If there is any informative matter, please write here.)

(Please confirm the completion message and automatically email when the sending is successful.If you do not receive automatically email, please check your email address and try again.)

※図書貸出について(来館前にご一読ください): Please read the notes below for borrowing books

・学部1~3年生は10冊まで貸出可能 (First~Third year students: 10 books)
・学部4年生・大学院生は30冊まで貸出可能 (Fourth year students and Graduate students: 30 books)
  ※但し現在貸出中の冊数を含みます (Include borrowing books currently)
(If you have the overdue book, you cannot borrow books, so please return them when you visit the library.)

(You can search for the desired material from the URL below. You can save time by writing down the "Book title, Author name, and Call No" by yourself before you come.)
(The book search URL is here→Web OPAC)